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PrintSupervision - Downloads & FAQs

Descubra os excelentes benefícios que o PrintSuperVison 4.0 da OKI tem para oferecer à equipe de TI da sua empresa e saiba como colher os benefícios que a maior eficiência e produtividade podem trazer. Escolha a edição PrintSuperVision que é ideal para você e faça o download agora!

É necessário o Agente ou Assistente PrintSuperVision ao monitorar o uso de dispositivos OKI conectados diretamente a computadores em rede por meio de conexão USB (por exemplo, dispositivos conectados localmente).

Para instalar:

1. salve o arquivo no C:\

2. execute a linha: c:\PSVAssistant-EE-1-8-2-3.exe /u=""

3. Adicione a impressora no monitoramento.

Tanto o agente quanto o assistente são compatíveis apenas com o PrintSuperVision Enterprise Edition.


The Agent has no user interface and is totally transparent to the user. The Assistant has a simple user interface that can be accessed from the user’s desktop. Both the Agent and Assistant send device status and supply usage information to the PrintSuperVision Enterprise Edition.


» Request a PrintSuperVision 4.0 license key


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can PrintSuperVision monitor third-party printer devices?

A.  Yes. However some third-party printers do not publicly expose usage values including supply levels, page counts or operational status from their devices and will be unavailable to PrintSuperVision. For most third-party printers, PrintSuperVision will be limited in its reporting values and will only be able to provide a basic level of detail.


Q.  Can PrintSuperVision monitor printers and MFPs that are not “on the network”?

A.  Yes, by installing the PrintSuperVision Agent or Assistant on a target computer, locally connected OKI devices can be monitored. Other third-party products are not supported.


Q.  What are the system requirements and database applications needed to run PrintSuperVision?

A. PrintSuperVision runs on all popular Windows desktop and Server Operating Systems and uses a built-in MS Access database to store collected data. Free versions such as SQL Express and SQL Compact Edition can be used as well. Or, if your organization is already using SQL, PrintSuperVision can integrate with “full” versions of SQL Server 2005 and 2008.


Q.  What software needs to be installed on a client computer to access the PrintSuperVision web server?

A.  Any popular web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari can be used–no additional plug-ins are required.


Q.  Do I need a server to install PrintSuperVision?

A.  No, PrintSuperVision is both a client application and server application that can be installed on network-connected PCs and servers alike. Once installed, PrintSuperVision can be accessed from any supported Windows desktop on the network.


Q.  What does PrintSuperVision monitor?

A.  All supplies and maintenance items such as toner, drums, fuser and transfer belts, as well as the number of color and black pages printed and the overall health of the device (i.e., any status that appears on the LCD operator panel on the device).


Q.  How can PrintSuperVision assist my helpdesk to reduce costs and better manage print devices?

A.  Helpdesk staff can easily leverage PrintSuperVision to remotely manage all supplies, which can reduce costs through centralized management and purchasing. Configurations and printer-related issues can also be managed remotely in minutes, reducing downtime and expenses.


Q.  Which Edition of PrintSuperVision is right for me?

A.  Available in two configurations, Professional and Enterprise, PrintSuperVision is flexible enough to manage just a few devices, yet robust enough to manage several thousand. For small organizations (up to approximately 200 devices), our Professional Edition will manage your printing environment more efficiently than ever before. For larger organizations that have several hundred or thousands of devices, we recommend using PrintSuperVision Enterprise Edition.


Q.  What are the differences between the Professional and Enterprise Editions?

A.  Both editions of PrintSuperVision are free applications and can be downloaded automatically from the download links on the top of this page. The Enterprise Edition leverages all of the features found in the Professional Edition, but provides a more robust feature set designed for managing large fleets of print devices. To better understand the differences between the PrintSuperVision Professional and Enterprise Editions, see a comparison here.


Q.  How can I access a license key to activate the Enterprise Edition?

A.  To obtain a license key to activate your version of the PrintSuperVision Enterprise Edition, please contact us via email at We will send a license key to your email address within one business day.

Tech Specs
Features & Benefits
How It Works

PrintSuperVision - Tech Specs

Web Server Application:

  • Windows Server 2003, 2008/R2, 2012,  XP, Vista, Win 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Win 8

  • .NET 2.0 or higher

  • 200 MB of free disk space

  • 1 GB of memory

  • MS access (included in app.)

  • Integrates with SQL Express, SQL Compact, SQL 2005, 2008/R2

  • SNMP protocol between server and device

  • HTTPS for higher levels of network security


IE 6.0 or higher, Firefox 1.5 or higher, Opera 8.5 or higher, Chrome 2.4 or later, Safari 5.1 or later


PrintSuperVision Agent:

Windows Server 2003, 2008/R2, XP, Vista and Win 7 (32 and 64 bit)

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Features & Benefits
How It Works

PrintSupervision - Features & Benefits

Minimizing the need for on-site service technicians.
Remote monitoring and optimal supplies management are the keys to saving time and money in the IT world. That’s why IT professionals need the tools PrintSuperVison 4.0 provides to be able to troubleshoot minor problems or simply to assist users in replacing supplies themselves from a single online resource.

By minimizing the ongoing need for on-site service technicians, companies can conserve their internal resources, which translates into productivity gains, less time and travel and dollars saved. Plus, the ability to track supplies and know when they need to be replenished can reduce the need for expensive overnight shipping. It can also help maximize device uptime—promoting higher levels of user and IT satisfaction.

Pick the solution that’s right for you.
Understanding each business is unique, OKI has developed two versions of PrintSuperVision to best suit your company needs. The configurations were designed to be flexible enough to manage just a few devices, or robust enough to manage several thousand. View the a product comparison chart below to discover which edition is right for you.

Pure Web application

Industry-Standard Architecture

Single User Option

Setup / Configuration Wizard

Ability to Configure Devices Remotely

Logical Device Grouping

Floor Plans and Maps

Customizable Alerts

Scheduled Reports

Online Supplies Ordering

Flexible Viewing Preferences

Quick Search

Advanced Security

Dynamic Multi-Lingual Support

Free Tech Support

Free Download

Multi-Server Data Synchronization

Remote Firmware Updates

PSV Agent

Enhanced Reporting

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